Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trifle, or Madeira Cake recycled

Taking my inspiration from the title of the cookbook 'Economical Cookery' (Elizabeth Craig, 1950), I turned some of my less than perfect Madeira cake into four small trifles. Being the thrifty housewife I made use of ingredients from my storecupboard for this exercise in economy: tinned raspberries (in juice), blackcurrant jelly, Bird's custard (in a carton), double cream (fresh). The tinned raspberries I usually stick on my porridge, for which they are fine. In the trifle they looked anemic and they didn't have the same consistency as fresh fruit (OK they were a bit mushy, but set into the jelly I don't think they were too awful). The cubes of Madeira cake stayed pretty firm even after a good soaking with raspberry juice, so was a pretty good choice of sponge for trifle making. Anything topped with custard AND cream is usually fairly edible, and so these trifles proved to be. I shall return to Ms. Craig's book for a posting in the near future.


Sam said...

Anna - thanks for coming out - lovely to meet you!

celia kusinera said...

Hi Anna, I will be linking you if you don't mind. Nice to meet you this afternoon.


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What a beautiful blog and a touching entry! I've been enjoying the fascinating histories you include with each post. Do you still update this blog? This is a great post! I don't know if you still check this blog, but I'm doing a school project on WW1 and trench food. This is great inspiration for me, and I hope to be able to put the recipe and photos you have posted to great use! Let me know if it's alright

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Anna - thanks for coming out - lovely to meet you!
May God Bless in u

seascape canvas said...

Oh I love trifle, could kill for one now!

Simon said...

"Anything topped with custard AND cream is usually fairly edible"

LOL, too true!

I've been making photos on canvas and I know what you mean!