Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Meme of Fives...

Brazilian Linda kindly nominated me to take part in the latest circulating Meme.

Here goes:

Five Things in my Freezer

We only have a small icebox at the top of our fridge, but it is amazing how much you can cram into it. Amongst those items lurking/imbedded in the ice are:

1. Blackberries picked last summer from along the banks of the Thames.
2. Unmarked containers of homemade soups.
3. Edamame.
4. Bits of chicken useful for soup making.
5. Chopped up brown banana - perfect for putting into cakes.

Five Things in my Closet

1. More shoes than I can wear in my lifetime. Necessary all the same.
2. A portfolio containing the art work I did at University.
3. More scarves than I can wear in my lifetime. These can make great photographic backgrounds, and therefore are also very necessary.
4. My wedding dress, carefully folded into a storage box.
5. Spare duvets etc. crammed into black bin bags.

Five Things in my Car

We don't own a car, and I get to work each day by bicycle. A peak in the panniers reveals:

1. Sun glasses. Crucial to forget these on sunny days, and find it turn grey and wet on days when I am wearing them.
2. Spare carrier bags for wrapping things in when it rains.
3. Bungee clip for attaching objects to my bike. Generally this doesn't work, but I have brought flowers home using it.
4. Puncture repair kit.
5. And on my return home from work each day, my panniers are packed to the rafters with food for the evening meal. Wine bottles at the bottom and squashable fruit at the top.

Five Things in my Purse

1. Money-off vouchers way past their expiry date.
2. A photo of my husband (to frighten off any would-be purse thief?)
3. Business cards for my blog.
4. Lots of plastic - in the form of store loyalty cards, library membership etc., rather than access to fabulous amounts of credit.
5. Many, many old reciepts.

I would like to follow on and tag the following bloggers - the first four ladies I came into contact with through the Euro-Blogging by Mail events, and Pille I met in person at the last UK food bloggers get together. I love the fact that all these sites and individuals represent different countries or different cultures. Plus, you 'meet' the nicest people blogging...

Check out their sites:

Eva at The Golden Shrimp
Fanny at Food Beam
Nicky at Delicious Days
Dagmar at A Cat in the Kitchen
Pille at Nami-Nami


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, Thanks for tagging me. I wanted to write the meme but I just realized that I have problems with my wordpress installation. For some reason I can't post anything. As soon as I'll solve it I'll do the meme.

Take care! Have a nice weekend

Mama Lamb said...

I am very much enjoying your site, and the wealth of information presented! You are covering my favorite topics of food and Britain/Wales, etc.

Jeanne said...

Hahaha, that was a great meme! I love the shoes & scarves - my cupboard looks the same!! WHen I went to Paris this month, my husband said "You're not to come back with any more damn scarves!" - so I came back with two pairs of shoes instead... ;-)

AnnaW said...

Jeanne, you clearly have great style!

Anonymous said...

Hi ! I'm French and I read your very nice blog, I must say that I love it. I always learn a lot of things about English cooking and I'd like to test (?) a lot of them. thanks a lot ! & "bonne continuation"

Valentina said...

Anna, I'm with you 100% on the shoes and scarves frontCan't wait for autumn to put my scarves back on..o D