Saturday, March 25, 2006

EBBP4 - From Dundee to Ealing

Earlier this week I received my EBBP parcel from the lovely Eva of The Golden Shrimp. Eva had filled it with carefully chosen items, based on my own site and foodie interests.

First out of the box were ingredients (mixed peel, sultanas, raisins, glace cherries, whisky) for making a Dundee cake (Eva is Dutch but lives in Dundee, Scotland). This was a fantastic idea and it fits in amazingly well with the next posting that I am working on (to be revealed shortly). Eva also sent me a recipe from which to bake. I rushed off to use the said items before I had had a chance to photograph them unopened.

Next to be revealed were some Japanese rice crackers (we have both had the pleasure of visiting Japan):

Very tasty!

...and also dried mushroms and seaweed - ingredients for recipes supplied by Eva and hand-written for me. Thank you Eva, I will certainly be trying these out. I have always been very lazy and bought dashi granules, so this will encourage me to make my own:

Next, a mini vegetarian haggis from the esteemed makers of haggises - Macsweens. I love the meaty ones so it will be interesting to see how this compares tastewise. Another taste of Scotland from Eva:

Then lastly a few sweet goodies - a box of Lindt mini Easter eggs; a box of De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles (I had these many years ago in Amsterdam, so they were a real foodie blast from the past! How nice when things like this pop up unexpectedly); and a tiny little strawberry scented candle in a ceramic holder (because as Eva says, the real fruit are not available, but it is nice to be reminded that summer is not so far off now):

These to be hidden from my husband...

Thank you so much Eva.

Thank you too to Andrew from SpittoonExtra for organising this round of EBBP.


Ilva said...

Sounds like a really nice parcel!

Anonymous said...

exciting contents hope the post man wakes me up tomorrow with a parcel...

Jeanne said...

Wow - your parcel looks really wonderful - and I LOVE the shot of the birdy egg-cup (is it even an egg-cup??) Too gorgeous!

Pille said...

Exciting food parcel indeed! And MacSweenes haggis is definitely the best buy around!

AnnaW said...

I have really enjoyed my parcel, and it has lent itself to many different food experiences.

The birdy-egg is rather cute isn't it?! And even better when filled with chocolate eggs.