Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bloggers For Positive Global Change

I have been nominated by Amanada of Figs Olives Wine for a Bloggers for Positive Global Change award. Wow! - what a honour to be so highly rated. Thank-you Amanda for the vote.

The award was created by Climate of Our Future, a site that aims to be a forum for, and a catalyst to discussion about global climate change. The award is, "not limited to any specific ideologies, religions or philosophies." It is a thumbs-up for any blogger who "puts a premium on human compassion and the desire to make the world a better place for all of us, without exception."

If you visit the Climate of Our Future site you will see that the award takes the form of a Meme. I will hold my hands up now and apologise for not continuing this one onwards, as I am very time-poor at the moment. I shall just sneak in a mention for the website England in Particular, a site devoted to campaigning for and celebrating local distinctiveness. The book of the same title, published last year, is a must-have for anyone interested in English traditions (in all their weird and wonderful variations).


Joanna said...

Hi Anna, so glad to see you're still reading blogs, even if you haven't yet got time to write .. and I hope all is going well with you, despite the lack of time.

I am so glad to know that there's an England in Particular website, because that book was my favourite Christmas present last year, endlessly fascinating, every English home should have a copy!

And well done for your award


AnnaW said...

Hi Joanna,

I completely agree - the England in Particular book was my favourite Christmas present too!

Best wishes

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Congratulations again Anna! Your work is wonderful no matter how busy you are, and I will definitely check out England in Particular.
Warmest wishes,

Valentina said...

Hi Anna, long time no speak. Hope you are keeping well.And your beautiful boy as well. Gongratulations on the ward. I will take a look at the site you recommend. Till next time.

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